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Hey every1, 


I'm writing now. Sharing some thoughts. 


It had been such a great pleasure since I've joined EP. Some collective friends. I never thought my life travelling this way. Nice!


Since my last break up 2years now; I've leave everything I ever had. My job, office bla bla bla, just to erase all the memories. Major turn over. Restart no no its a jump-start! I've lost hope, actually. Because I thought everything its gonna be ok as I dream.  I wasn't prepare to be heart broken because I have a true heart. Oh well, I do made mistakes to, isn't that the best thing to learn about life?


Now I'm converting all the inspiration, experiences & motivation for my new life. Love makes the world a better place (yeah it can be 100% opposite) No matter how good or how bad it is, love will bring us closer, strangers, friends, family even foe. I don't care much now. All I know, a year from now I'll be laughing reading this. Today I am smiling to write this because I'm happier than before. In my remaining days, I'll spend most of my time with my family & close friends. Now I know, a few good friends complete your life better than a lover :)

I really can't imagine what happened if I give up earlier than now. I live life occasionally not because I'm no longer ambitious or no having any future planning. In my thinking now, its better not to plan than to live life as it goes - happily, sincerely and honestly. 

What about you? All the best
(life is beautiful when you least expected)

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